GEICO’s Martin returns for first commercial of the year

GEICO Insurance has released its latest commercial, marking the return of the insurance company’s gecko mascot, Martin, to promote its services since his last appearance in 2020.

GEICO, on Saturday, 23 January 2021, reintroduced its mascot gecko, Martin, with the release of its latest commercial that was published on YouTube. Martin has been an integral part of the company’s marketing and promotional campaigns since his introduction in 1999, when the Martin Agency created a mascot for the company based on its name.

Since then, Martin has become a prominent feature in other specialised commercials promoting a particular product by the company. Martin’s function has since become to promote the GEICO insurance brand in its entirety. Moreover, his popularity is measured in the views that he receives for the commercials that he fronts, which mostly garner well over millions of views on YouTube.

Before his return, the last time that Martin made a commercial appearance was in November 2020. The commercial saw Martin explaining the origins of the company’s “15 minute, 15 percent” savings offering. The commercial currently sits at over 19 million views since it was first published.

Martin’s return, however, sees him promoting the insurance company’s bundling feature for the policies on offer. Moreover, the commercial kicks off from where Martin left off in November 2020, in his office and looking to continue discussing all-things-GEICO.

Despite the commercial being published just over a week ago, it has already garnered over 26 000 views on YouTube. When put into perspective, commercials and clips that were published a week earlier have only garnered approximately half as many views as Martin’s new commercial.

Watch GEICO Insurance’s latest commercial below.