Frank’s RedHot sauce commercial highlights Eli Manning’s comical side

Eli Manning stars in the latest Frank’s RedHot sauce commercial, allowing for him to showcase his humorous side, which came as a surprise to some of the footballer’s fans.

Before Eli Manning announced his retirement from football in 2020, it was believed that his brother, Peyton Manning, was the comical one between the two Manning footballers. However, the youngest of the two Manning brothers has proved that he can compete with his eldest brother at more than just football.

The revelation came as a result of his role in the Frank’s RedHot commercial that was released in October 2020. The commercial sees Manning showcasing how he has been spending his time since retiring from football. In the 30-second commercial, Manning spends his time watering the garden, fishing, glass welding, and cooking, all with the assistance of the hot sauce.

The humour is in the ridiculousness of the manner in which Manning conducts all his actions, with the deadpan voice he continues to use throughout the commercial. The humorous commercial manages to showcase a different side of the renowned star.

As the commercial started garnering attention, Manning eventually addressed the intentional showcase of his comedic side. In a media report in January 2021, he clarified that he is ready to showcase more of his funny side.

He stated, in part, “To see a lighter side, to see just some of the goofy things that are going on and a few things about kids’ sports and activities and Sloppy Joes. I try not to get too serious. I don’t want to say anything negative about anything. Just kind of a neat way to have a little voice and see if you can get some people to smile a little bit.”

Watch the Frank’s RedHot and Eli Manning commercial below.