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France Lotto’s dynamic duo nowhere to be found in the finals

It was suggested that the probability of numbers 13 and 16 showing up in yesterday’s final France Lotto draw were quite high; however neither digit made an appearance.

In an article released before yesterday’s France Lotto draw, it was stated that 13 and 16 may just have a chance of showing up, “…due to the fact that, since the beginning of this month, both have been found more than any of these numbers,” – these numbers referring to the relevant prediction’s full top three Hot Pairs (13-48, 19-35 and 1-16).

As it turns out, not only did neither of these highlighted figures make it into the final results which stood at, 23, 27, 42, 43, 44 Bonus Ball: 10 – but the rest of these Hot Pairs as well as the pertinent prediction’s Hot Numbers (18, 16 and 2) were also nowhere to be seen.

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