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Fourty-eight still silently climbing up Teatime’s lotto ladder

It seems that recent suspicions regarding number 48 were quickly confirmed by yesterday’s final Teatime draw and predictions.

In a post released yesterday, Avesalia stated the following “Although it doesn’t seem to have made it’s way into the most recent UK49s Teatime common balls, Hot Pairs or Hot Numbers, number 48 may be creeping it’s way in as a digit to keep an eye on.”

These inklings were quickly confirmed when yesterday’s final Teatime results included this so-called “sneaky digit” as one of its regulation numbers: (9, 12, 24, 27, 34, 48 Booster: 16)

Not only that, but 48 also appeared in the most recent Teatime prediction’s top three Hot Pairs (45-48, 34-45, 21-27), answering yesterday’s question, “Does this mean this digit will eventually find it’s way into the top numbers?” with a tentative yes.

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