Dr Tumi announces upcoming collaborative single with SbuNoah

Photo Credit: SbuNoah / Twitter

South African gospel artist Dr Tumi revealed SbuNoah as the second artist that will be a part of his upcoming full-length studio album across his social media pages on Wednesday, 15 May 2019.

The gospel artist has been sharing the journey of making his first full-length studio album across his social media pages since Monday, 29 April 2019. In previous years, the singer has been releasing live recorded albums. He first revealed that he was working on a song with upcoming vocal talent, Lloyiso Gijana, of Idols SA fame, on a song for his album. Following that reveal, Dr Tumi has now shared the second solo recording artist that will be a part of his album, SbuNoah.

First he posted two photographs on his social media pages to reveal SbuNoah’s collaboration. The first image was of the Ewe Getsemane artist in the recording box, captured through a glass pane, while fixing his microphone. The second photograph is taken from inside the recording box while SbuNoah reads over the lyrics of the song.

He captioned the post lauding the vocal talents of SbuNoah, after confirming that he had invited the artist into the studio to work on a song.

Dr Tumi has been tactical in revealing the titles of the songs that he is working on with the two featured artists and has been using hashtags to do so. On the post with Lloyiso, the hashtag he ended the caption with was #ThankfulHeart, and with the SbuNoah post the caption ended with the hashtag, #MyLovingFather.

SbuNoah also shared a video clip of himself in studio working on hitting a high note on Thursday, 16 May 2019, but muted sound of the video. In the caption he exclaimed that Dr Tumi was pushing him to his limits while working on the song.

Sabelo Makhubo