Does John Krasinski do Esurance commercials?

John Krasinski has been doing the Esurance commercials for nine years, including his last commercial in 2020, but the company enlisted Dennis Quaid for the latest commercial.

John Krasinski had been doing the Esurance commercials for nine years in 2020. The actor first started featuring in the advertisements in 2011, and, despite his growing public profile, continued his working relationship with the insurance company over the years.

An excerpt detailing why Esurance opted to work with The Office star claimed, “Esurance, a subsidiary of Allstate, wanted to differentiate their new insurance for the modern world ads from other insurance ads. They wanted something with humor that would appeal to the everyday American. No one could do better than John Krasinski.”

Since then, Krasinski has become part of the Esurance brand. However, in 2020, the brand enlisted another A-list actor, Dennis Quaid, to feature in its sexually ambiguous commercial. It is unclear whether Krasinski will return to the brand in 2021, which would mark ten years with the Esurance brand as its voice and face.