Does James Earl Jones do the Arby’s commercial?

James Earl Jones is not the man behind the Arby’s commercial, Ving Rhames is, after gaining much traction for starring in various popular action films, such as Pulp Action.

James Earl Jones’ deep voice has become a notable aspect of the prolific actor, who has also lent his voice as Mufasa, Simba’s father, in The Lion King. This is besides a list of other films that have the actor as the stoic father figure, such as Coming To America. As such, many have been under the impression that he is the voice of the Arby’s commercial.

However, the voice behind the Arby’s commercial is not the acclaimed actor, it is another acclaimed action movie star, Ving Rhames. The actor has starred in several blockbuster films, including the Mission Impossible franchise and Pulp Fiction.

Moreover, he has also been the ambassador of Buick, in addition to having delivered the voiceovers for the Arby’s commercial. His signature closing in the Arby’s commercial, “Arby’s – We’ve got the meats,” is now synonymous with his voice.