Do TV networks and ad agencies no longer pay attention to demographics before producing TV shows and ads?

Commercials and television shows will always be based on certain demographics and target markets, however, the advent of social media has changed that for commercials.

Commercials and television shows are meant to speak to a certain demographic, therefore, the purpose of creating commercials and television shows will always be to address a specific audience. In some cases, brands and companies may strike gold by releasing a commercial or production that speaks to more than the targeted audience.

Before the advent of social media and how it has managed to connect people in various parts of the world, if a commercial or television was problematic or insensitive, it would be a conversation between the targeted demographic. This was unless the offense was so monumental that it became a universal conversation that was brought into mainstream discourse.

However, with the advent of social media, targeting a certain demographic for a commercial can be risky, as the reception might be different from the one desired. A recent example of this would be the Cure Auto Insurance Super Bowl LV commercial and its reception after airing.

Based on the commercial, it has been speculated that the automobile insurance company has a predominantly male management team and is a male-dominated advertising agency. Moreover, the company appears to have a largely White, male clientele. Therefore, the premise of creating a commercial on the hysteria over sexual harassment in the workplace may not sound like a bad idea among a specific demographic.

Therefore, had the commercial aired on television and been seen by the specific demographic, the commercial would not have received as much backlash as it did. However, the commercial was then shared on social media to an audience and demographic other than the desired one. This resulted in the company receiving international attention for supposedly being tone-deaf. However, the insurance company appears unbothered by the criticism, as the commercial is still available on YouTube.

Watch the commercial below.