Discord Nitro

Discord Nitro is the platform’s premium subscription plans, which will give you access to a variety of exclusive benefits.

Paid subscription tiers are one of the main ways that Discord funds its platform without the use of advertising revenue.

Discord Nitro offers both Nitro and a Nitro Basic paid subscription plans, each of which come with its own list of added benefits and monthly subscription price.

Why platforms like Discord offer paid subscription tiers

One of the features that continue to draw (new and old) users to Discord is the fact that the platform famously has absolutely no advertisements that could possibly interrupt or distract you from your chats and servers.

But Discord is still a business after all, and you may be wondering how the platform makes money if it is not generating advertisement revenue like pretty much every other chat platform on the internet. Well, the answer is quite simple. The Discord business model not only relies on things like revenue sharing through the Partner Program, and investments, but also on Discord’s various paid Nitro subscription tiers to bring in the big bucks.

Discord Nitro

The Nitro subscription tiers not only help Discord to bring in money, but they also offer users a variety of exclusive benefits which are meant to take your Discord experience to the next level. Discord offers subscribers two different Nitro plans to choose from (and of course, you always have the option to use the platform for free, even though this will not come with all of the additional benefits).

These plans include the main ‘Nitro’ plan (which is the more expensive plan that gives you access to the most perks), and the more affordable ‘Nitro Basic’ plan (which does not include as many perks). Some of the newer additions to the Nitro (not Nitro Basic) perks include new avatar decorations and theme colors that you can add to your account, and even some animated Super Reactions to make you stand out.

These kinds of new perks are added to the Nitro subscription plans sporadically, on top of the benefits that have always been there, like:

  • Super Reactions (2 per week included with Nitro Basic)
  • Custom emoji anywhere
  • Custom stickers anywhere
  • Bigger file sharing (500 MB for Nitro and 50 MB for Nitro Basic)
  • HD streaming (up to 4K and 60fps for Nitro)
  • Nitro badge
  • Early access to Remix
  • Custom video backgrounds

And for Nitro subscribers only:

  • 2 Free Boosts (and 30% off extra Boosts)
  • Custom server profiles
  • Join up to 200 servers
  • Longer messages of up to 4,000 characters
  • Soundboard

But to ultimately decide whether these perks are worth the subscription price, you should take a few finer details into consideration.

The Nitro and Nitro Basic subscription prices

When it comes to the various subscription services out there, the Discord Nitro subscription plans are certainly nowhere near the most expensive. The Nitro Basic monthly subscription price has recently been decreased to $2.99 per month (or $29.99 per year if you are in it for the long-haul).

The bigger Nitro tier is available for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. You can also easily switch between plans or cancel your Discord Nitro subscription through the “Subscriptions” tab in your Discord User Settings.

How to get free Discord Nitro

Before you rush out to get your Discord Nitro or Nitro Basic plan activated, though, you may want to have a snoop around the ‘ole interwebs, as Discord frequently partners with third parties to offer users Discord Nitro for free for a limited time.

Basically, if you keep your eyes peeled, you can take advantage of promotions. These are offered on platforms like Epic Games, Xbox Game Pass, YouTube Premium (this one is active until July 31, 2023) and many others in order to try Discord Nitro for free.

Is getting Discord Nitro worth it?

Getting access to a promotional offer (like the ones mentioned above) is really the best way to try out Discord Nitro for yourself. This way, you can decide whether the monthly subscription price will be worth it to you.

However, if this is not an option, there are some things that you need to consider before making your final decision. This includes really taking a hard look at whether the exclusive Nitro benefits are something that you will find useful (and are willing to pay for).

Generally, getting Discord Nitro is not really worth it for Discord users who do not use the platform very regularly. However, if you are interested in streaming or creating a community, having Discord Nitro (with all of its added features) can be a great advantage.

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