Discord: How to claim your username

There is no way to claim your Discord username on the new system and you will simply have to wait until the system prompts you.

The changes to Discord’s username system that were announced earlier this month have caused quite the upset among Discord users.

Unfortunately, this new system is being rolled out with a staggered, first-come, first-serve approach. Thus, there is no way for you to claim your username until you are prompted to do so by Discord.

The controversial username changes on Discord

Any big changes to a beloved and established platform like Discord are bound to be met with some level of apprehension. However, the changes to the entire Discord username system that were announced on May 3, 2023, by the platform’s co-founder Stanislav Vishnevskiy, may turn out to be a case of too many changes on the platform too quickly and it has certainly caused some controversy.

Discord: How to claim your username

Ever since the changes to Discord’s username system were announced, long-time users of the platform have taken to social media sites and forums around the internet to air their grievances. These users have grown particularly fond of their four-digit discriminators over the years.

Vishnevskiy explained that the changes to the Discord username system are meant to make the platform more user-friendly and avoid any misunderstandings when it comes to adding new friends. However, users who have been using the platform for years immediately realized that forcing the almost 200 million monthly active users on the platform to change their usernames so suddenly may cause more problems than it solves.

The main issue with this new system is that Discord has been very vague about how and when exactly this change will officially be rolled out. Besides stating that it will be rolled out slowly, over the course of the next few months, and be staggered to allow certain users the chance to claim their usernames first.

However, it seems that even with this staggered system in place, usernames are still being claimed before the real owners can claim them for themselves. Rusty Lake, a well-known indie game developer has revealed in a Twitter thread that even with this system, the Rusty Lake team could not claim their own username even though they are the verified owners of their server.

The revelation that usernames are being claimed so quickly even in this staggered approach has heightened fears that usernames will be claimed before this new system is rolled out on the entire platform. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to claim your username before the Discord system prompts you to, and users simply have to wait and see whether their usernames will still be available until this moment comes.

How will the new username system be rolled out?

Discord has clarified that owners of partner and verified servers will get first dibs in the staggered username roll-out, followed by regular user accounts, starting with those that were registered first in 2015. A later amendment to Vishnevskiy’s statement also confirmed that current Nitro subscribers (who joined Discord before March 1, 2023) will also be given early access. However, no further details or official timeframe has been given as to when each of these blocks will gain access, or how long the entire process will take.

How will you know that you have access to claim your username?

One of the biggest issues with the way that the new username system on Discord is being rolled out, is the lack of communication from the Discord team. Currently, the only way to know that you have access to this new system and can claim your username is through a pop-up prompt that will appear when you login to the platform or via a message in the information section of your username settings.

The best course of action, for now

Popular Discord users that have had trouble claiming their usernames, including Pewdiepie and KSI have been able to get their desired usernames with the assistance of Discord Support, but regular users will likely not have the same luck .If you really want to grab your username before anyone else can, your best course of action for now, is to check Discord regularly to ensure that you can claim your name as soon as possible.

Beyond this, you can also ensure that you have followed all of your friends (and that they have followed you back) to avoid any confusion when your username changes. Server nicknames will also continue to take priority even after the new username system has been implemented, so you may be able to keep your old username in a symbolic way as a server nickname.

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