Did Tamara Braun appear in the Folgers Coffee commercial?

Consumers have been speculating about the appearance of Days Of Our Lives star, Tamara Braun in the new Folgers Coffee commercial and want to know to the truth.

American actress, Tamara Braun is well known for her work on daytime television shows such as Days Of Our Lives, and has often worked on many TV commercials during her successful career. One of the most recent speculations that have surfaced on the internet is whether the famous actress featured in an ad for the American coffee brand, Folgers.

Many coffee drinkers and daytime TV fanatics may be disappointed to find out that Braun was not in any Folgers coffee commercial. In fact, Folgers has experienced major heat lately from lawsuits filed against it for allegedly committing consumer fraud.

Some customers claimed that the coffee brand grossly exaggerated its product. More controversy followed the brand for an “incest ad” that went viral and took the internet by storm. This reportedly led to lots of customers being unhappy with the company.

Despite its bad publicity, many consumers remains faithful to the brand and are quick to claim that it is one of the best coffee brands in the US. However, in the spirit of finally setting the record straight, the coffee brand has not partnered with any famous celebrities of late, including Tamara Braun.