Did Candace Cameron do a soup commercial?

Candace Cameron has not featured in any soup commercials, however, she did create a YouTube video on how to make tomato soup, which has received attention for its simplicity.

Candace Cameron Bure started her acting career as a child star in some of the most popular commercials in the 1980s. The Full House actress’ time as a commercials actress paved the way for her introduction to more serious acting roles for television.

Despite having earned her stripes as an actress for more than just commercials, Bure still revisits her childhood acting days. The last time she did so was for her REACT feature on YouTube in 2017, where she looked back at some of the commercials she featured in as a child. This led to her reminiscing and detailing her experience of shooting the commercials.

Despite having featured in many commercials when she was still young, the actress has not shot a commercial in decades, but she does have her own self-titled YouTube channel. The channel encapsulates the actress and businesswoman’s life, as it provides glimpses of both her professional and private life.

One of the most popular videos on the channel is that of her making tomato soup, which was posted in August 2020. The soup was made from fresh produce that Bure had picked from her home garden. Although the video is less that 10 minutes long, it provides a detailed and simple way of making tomato soup.

The video has amassed over 440 views on YouTube, but has proven quite popular amongst her fans on Instagram, where it boasts more than 660 000 views. The popularity of the easy-to-make tomato soup video could be the reason for the confusion on whether she has starred in a soup commercial.

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