Commercials Paramount has released ahead of Paramount+ launch

Paramount is set to launch its own version of a livestreaming platform, Paramount+, and the television and film studio has already released three promotional commercials to date.

Paramount is set to launch its own version of an online streaming platform, Paramount+. The platform is expected to compete with the likes of Netflix and Apple TV. However, the commercials shared ahead of the Thursday, 4 March 2021, launch date suggest that the television and film studio is set to compete differently with the other streaming platforms.

The first commercial released ahead of the launch was presented as an introduction to the upcoming ones, as it features popular faces from shows produced by the studio trekking their way up the iconic Paramount mountain. Jeff Probst, the host and producer of the longest-running reality travel show, Survivor, appears first and leads the other popular Paramount personalities up the mountain, including Gayle King, Dora The Explorer, and Snooki, amongst others.

The second commercial focuses on finding a leader to direct the personalities up the Paramount mountain. Surprisingly, Dora The Explorer is given the title, mostly because of her talking road map. Thereafter, they embark on the journey. The running narrative starts being comical and cynical commentary from Snooki, and if not from her, it is from a higher power that lambastes her.

The most recent commercial moves away from the walking celebrities, and focuses on showcases those that are stuck on a literal cliffhanger. The aim is to show that one of the offerings that the platform will provide is gripping content, which has been proven with some of the shows produced by the studio already. However, through the three commercials available so far, the question remains whether there will be new content too.