Bud Light opts for star power in Super Bowl LV commercial

Bud Light Beer has released its Super Bowl LV commercial, which sees the alcohol company bringing its Bud Light Legends together to save a supermarket from running out of beer.

Bud Light Beer released its Super Bowl LV commercial on Tuesday, 2 February 2021. The commercial is a culmination of the Bud Light Legends skits that the company had been publishing for the past couple of weeks on YouTube. The alcohol company previously shared short clips of the legends’ various meet-ups.

The Super Bowl LV commercial, therefore, sees all the legends that were featured in the various skits coming together, with the introduction of a new legend to the family. The commercial is based on a supermarket suddenly running out of Bud Light Beer, which leaves the supermarket attendant and the customer that was looking to purchase the beverage slightly confused.

Thereafter, viewers are led to a different world to discover that the sudden disappearance is due to a Bud Light delivery track overturning. The driver of the truck stands helplessly wondering who will help him overturn the truck and ensure that supermarkets receive their Bud Light Beer orders. The Bud Light Legends appear just in time to save the day.

The legends appear from different eras, all working together to ensure that all the dispersed beers are put back into the truck and that supermarkets receive their stock. However, the biggest drawcard of the commercial is the introduction of a new legend, Post Malone, to the Bud Light Beer family. The twist in the commercial is what happens to the Bud Knight, whose scream becomes the point where the most laughter is generated.

Watch Bud Light Super Bowl 2021’s Bud Light Legends commercial below.