AT&T’s ‘Stay In Your Lane Bro’ commercial 

AT&T’s Stay In Your Lane Bro commercial is part of the Just Ok Is Not Ok campaign and arguably one of its weaker commercials in the series. 

Context: AT&T’s Stay In Your Lane Bro commercial follows part of the Just Ok Is Not Ok series of commercials released by the company. The premise of the commercial is a man (Sean Muramatsu) getting his first tattoo from a tattoo artist that is not confident in his skills. Lena Waithe returns as the voice-over artist for the commercial. Omnicom Group, BBDO and the Hearts & Science media agencies continue to see through the marketing campaign.

Our Verdict: Possibly when looking at the commercial in isolation, it would have been successful. However, considering the storylines of the rest of the series like the doctor commercial; the premise of this commercial is flat. A person getting a tattoo for the first time has either done their research, or they have been referred or they are drunk. The latter means the client wouldn’t care or possibly remember getting the tattoo. On the other hand, the former options allude to knowing the person therefore, the commercial’s premise is too far-fetched to make sense.

Watch AT&T’s’ Stay In Your Lane Bro commercial below.