AT&T’s ‘Just Ok Is Not Ok’ commercial 

AT&T’s Just Ok Is Not Ok commercial is a clever take by the mobile network which showcases the importance of choosing premium rather than forsaking quality over pricing. 

AT&T took to YouTube on Wednesday, 15 March 2017, to post the commercial which was part of their Just Ok Is Not Ok commercial series. The commercial is premised over a patient played by Francisco Solorzano, finding out that his “okay” surgeon, played by Steven Hall, has recently received his medical license back. More than that, the surgeon showcases his incompetence through his lack of care over the patient. While the video does not have music, it does have a voice over by acclaimed screenwriter and producer, Lena Waithe. Agencies that informed the commercial include Omnicom Group, BBDO Creative and Digital Agencies and Hearts and Science.

The commercial is a hit. This is due to taking a risk; being treated by an unqualified physician and subverting the experience into comedy. The reference is common enough as we have all experienced a similar fear. However, the fact that they could turn the situation into one that generates a laugh is the magic of the commercial. The messaging linking it to AT&T might be weak compared to the build up, but the commercial as whole is worth a watch.

Watch AT&T’s Just Ok Is Not Ok commercial below.