Are there going to be 2021 commercials with Lee, Jackson and Barkley?

Currently, it seems that there are no plans to bring back Capital One’s popular commercials starring Charles Barkley, Samuel L. Jackson and Spike Lee.

In 2015, Capital One struck commercial gold when it introduced three legendary Black men in its commercials, legendary basketball player, Charles Barkley; legendary US director and producer, Spike Lee; and Academy Award-winning actor, Samuel L. Jackson.

The commercials are based on the three legends living and travelling together, often leading to humorous results. The Capital One relationship with the legends continued until 2018. By 2017, the commercials had garnered pop culture popularity, as several sports shows started referencing the commercials in the build-up to the Super Bowl between 2016 and 2018.

After 2018, Capital One did not go back to using the actors as its ambassadors. While there are still calls for a reunion commercial starring the three legends, there has been no word from Capital One to suggest a new commercial. Moreover, none of the legends have spoken about or teased a reunion between them and Capital One.