Are the dogs in the Lance Crackers commercial real?

The dogs in the Lance Crackers commercial from 2017 are real, however, they were manipulated via CGI to portray human-like actions whilst the young actress delivers her lines.

In 2017, Lance Crackers released a television commercial that still has people inquiring about the dogs featured in it. The commercial, entitled Lance – Dog Sandwich, derived its narrative from the title.

Therefore, in the commercial, a young girl can be seen sitting in-between two dogs, whilst speaking about the benefits of using Lance Crackers to make sandwiches. As the young girl is delivering her line, the dogs by her side sit quietly like her bodyguards, in a human-like stance. Towards the end of the commercial, the dogs fold their hind legs at the same time as the young girl.

The dogs in the commercial are real, but it is believed that it was edited by a special effects team to give the illusion of the dogs sitting obediently next to the little girl. This is often done in animal-driven movies, where the use of an actual animal to portray human-like actions is achieved through special effects.

Watch the Lance Crackers commercial below.