Arby’s ‘We Have The Meats’ commercial

Arby’s developed a signature motif to promote their burgers by showcasing the meat in its natural form before it is cut for their burgers, which they continued to use in light of its popularity. 

On Saturday, 11 April 2015, Arby’s released the promotional commercial for the Smokehouse Turkey Avocado Burger. The commercial’s premise was to showcase Arby’s use of real meats for their burgers. Therefore, the commercial starts off with voice over artist, Ving Rhames, explaining how the meat was cured as the mystery hands hold the chunk of turkey. The commercial does not use music but does conclude with the signature, “Arby’s, we have the meat.” The agencies behind the commercial are listed as Fallon Worldwide, Moxie and Zenith Media.

The commercial was successful due to its simplicity. The commercial showcases the meat that will eventually be sliced and go into the burger. Therefore, to see the meat in its “natural” form alludes to the fact that the burger is filled with fresh meat. The implication and the simplicity of the commercial provide a distinct signature commercial style used by the fast-food chain. Since then, it has continued to advertise its new burger ranges in a similar manner due to the timeless nature of the treatment of the commercial as a whole.

Watch Arby’s We Have The Meats commercial below.