Allstate should focus on its music-led commercials

While Allstate might have Mayhem as its mascot that stars in its commercials, another successful aspect of them is the choice of music.

Allstate, like many successful automobile insurance companies, has a mascot, Mayhem, who features in most of its commercials. The commercials released with the middle-aged man who pops out from surprising parts of the car has a market of its own. His commercials have proven to be quite popular, as seen in the number of views and engagement on YouTube. This article, however, will focus on another aspect of its commercials that Allstate should pay extra attention to.

Allstate appears to be gradually perfecting its music-led commercials. One of the first commercials of that format that garnered attention was Allstate’s “Island :60” commercial. The commercial featured a man that was able to drive around his entire quaint costal city. Not just that, but he was also able to make it home in time to get the kettle off the stove while it was boiling after he had put it on before leaving the house

The commercial does not contain any dialogue, as the scenic visuals and the man’s drive around the city remained the focus. The visuals are further enhanced by the use of music. By the time that he arrives home to take the kettle off the stove, the audience had forgotten about the kettle because of the scenic showcase and music.

The commercial appears to have used the same principle as the “Moon :30” commercial. The commercial is set on the moon, as the astronauts drag race with a space car on top of the moon. The commercial uses the soundtrack of Smokey Robinson’s hit 1979 single, Cruisin, to direct the editing and mood of the commercial, which is arguably what gives credence to the visuals.

Most recently, Allstate released the “Duet :30” commercial. The commercial is premised on a man that has received a deal from Allstate that he is so happy about, that he breaks into a duet with the medal on his car. The two sing together to the livened-up version of the Pet Shops Boys’ hit single, Opportunities. Despite it being just over a week since its release, the commercial has garnered much traction, proving that besides Mayhem, the music-led commercials from Allstate are also quiet popular.

Watch the commercial below.